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i-Mate Mobile Phone Unlock

  •   i-mate cellphone unlock by the global market leader in mobile phone unlocking
  •   We use the same unlock phone imei method as the network carriers themselves
  •   Over 5 million unlocked cell phones to date makes us the No.1 cell phone unlock service

Once you receive email notification that your i-mate cell phone unlock service has been completed, your phone will be unlocked and ready to use on any network in under 5 minutes. Our i-mate cell phone unlocking service is safe, easy to use, simple and 100% guaranteed, or your money back! Purchase with confidence from one of the Internets leading online mobile phone unlocking service providers.

Unlock i-mate Phone

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Select the model of i-mate cell phone you wish to IMEI unlock

frequently asked questions

Why should I unlock my cell phone?

Unlocking your i-mate mobile phone has many benefits. Aside from being able to use it on any compatible network, anywhere in the world, unlocking your i-mate phone can raise it’s resale value by up to 100%. Additionally, unlocking your i-mate cell phone is environmentally friendly. Many countries don’t have a telephone landline infrastructure, so rely entirely on mobile phones for communication. When you upgrade your phone, someone else will be able to use your old i-mate phone, once you no longer have a use for it.

What do I need to do to unlock my mobile phone?

To unlock your i-mate phone you need access to the internet and an e-mail address where we can send you simple unlocking instructions. You will also need to be able to access the keypad and dropdown menus on your phone.

How can I pay to unlock my mobile phone?

You’ll have your i-mate cell phone unlocked in next to no time as we conveniently accept all major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal.

payments accepted

Can I unlock my phone if it has been reported or on the blacklist?

A blacklisting is an additional security measure put in place to prevent a phone being used normally and is not removed by unlocking the phone. If your i-mate phone has been reported lost, stolen or has outstanding contract fees owing, you should contact the network provider that the phone is locked to, to request removal of the blacklisting. You can still unlock your i-mate phone, you just won’t be able to use it in the country it is blacklisted until it has been removed. The i-mate phone may work in another country with a blacklisting in place, but we offer no guarantee.

How can I tell if my cell phone has been blacklist?

You can check if your i-mate phone has been blacklisted here.

Will my phone lock again if I update or restore it to factory settings?

You have nothing to worry about. Whether you update the i-mate phone’s software or restore the phone to its original factory settings, your i-mate phone will not relock. Our i-mate phone unlocking services are 100% permanent, guaranteed.

Is it legal to unlock my mobile phone?
Unlocking your i-mate cell phone is completely legal after Barack Obama signed an exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in August, 2014.

The exemption reads “The underlying activity sought to be performed by the owner of the handset is to allow the handset to do what it was manufactured to do — lawfully connect to any carrier” – meaning you have the legal right to unlock your phone if you wish to use it on another network.

Mobile Phone Unlocking Is 100% Legal
Do you issue refunds if the unlocking code doesn’t work?

Yes we do. Although our i-mate unlocking services never fail! However, if for any reason your i-mate phone can’t be unlocked by us for reasons under our control, we will issue you a full refund. Keep in mind that we do not issue refunds if your i-mate phone’s IMEI has been blocked by the network provider due to loss, theft or an unpaid phone bill, or if it has no unlocking attempts remaining.

How To Unlock A i-mate Cell Phone Via IMEI

Unlock Your Mobile Phone

Select the model of i-mate phone you wish to unlock Fill in the request form and complete the payment process Receive your unlocking code and instructions via email
1 Request your i-mate unlocking service through Unlock.Zone.
2 Turn on the phone with a SIM card inserted from a network provider different to the one the phone is currently locked to.
3 If the SIM card prompts for a PIN number, type it in and press OK.
4 Follow the instruction to unlock your i-mate mobile phone you received via e-mail from Unlock.Zone.

Permanently unlock your i-mate cell phone with Unlock.Zone. Without the need to update the phone’s operating system software or void it’s warranty, you’ll be able to use your i-mate mobile phone on any compatible network, anywhere in the world, in a matter of minutes.

We offer a quick, safe, legal, remote and money-back-guaranteed permanent i-mate mobile phone unlock. Buy with confidence from one on the industries leading on-line mobile phone unlocking service providers.

Why Unlock Your i-mate Mobile Phone With Us?

  The only recommended i-mate unlocking method used by networks.
  The simplest, fastest, safest way to unlock your i-mate phone.
  Our i-mate unlocking method is permanent and doesn’t void your warranty.
  Remote i-mate unlocking – your phone never has to leave your side.
  Continue using your i-mate phone during the entire unlocking process.
  First-class customer support available 24 hours a day.
  Use your i-mate phone on any compatible network in the world.
  Buy with confidence as we are a registered and regulated UK company.
  Backed by over 5 million satisfied customers in past 10 years service.
  Full money back guarantee only offered by a global market leader.

Our Customers Love Us

Excellent Service 5/5

I needed my iPhone 7 unlocking from Vodafone and they wouldn’t play ball, I felt I needed to find a legitimate company to try to get the job done. Unlock.Zone unlocked my phone without issue. It took 2 days and the phone is working fine with an O2 sim in it now

Zac M
Verified Purchase

iPhone Unlocked 5/5

Easy to complete the form. Unlocked happened within days even though it was leading up to the Xmas period. When unlock arrived via email, the instructions to complete the action were straightforward and phone was unlocked immediately

Chevy S
Verified Purchase

Fantastic Service 5/5

I wasted so much time with the supplier who was supposed to send me an unlocked phone as well as Samsung directly and came across Unlock Zone. I wish, if I had taken Unlock Zone services earlier rather than wasting time with the supplier and Samsung themselves

Nigel T
Verified Purchase

Recommended 5/5

Go with this company ... worth every penny. Professional. I tried cheap company who were terrible and couldn't unlock it.
I can recommended this company to someone else already ... thumbs up

Dave P
Verified Purchase

Simple & Worked 5/5

After being ripped off by another website hidden charges, this site successfully unlocked my phone before they even sent the unlock instructions, I didn’t even need to use them. The estimated date to unlock was no where near how long it took. Cheap as chips & chuffed with the excel service

James W
Verified Purchase

Fast And Cheap 5/5

Information was clear and upfront, I got my code quickly with straightforward instructions to help me use it. I chose this site over other sites because the price was competitive with VAT included and no hidden extras

Helen T
Verified Purchase

First Class Service 5/5

Excellent response, code within 10 minutes for HTC desire

Dan M
Verified Purchase

Completed In 24 Hours 5/5

I needed to unlock my phone from the EE network. After 2 failed attempts trying to get them to do it I gave up and searched for a trustworthy third party. After reading good reviews I was impressed enough to give it a go. The form and payment is quick and painless. Within 24 hours I had an email informing me my phone was unlocked and all I needed to do was follow a few simple steps outlined in the rest of the email

Janice W
Verified Purchase