Permanently unlocking your phone under a fixed-term agreement is possible. You have absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

Unlocking your phone has absolutely nothing to do with the fixed-term contract you signed with your network supplier. Having a fixed-term contract entails paying a set regular monthly charge for a specific amount of time, typically 12 to 24 months.

The reality is if you have chosen to unlock your phone it does NOT break that contract, however it does offer you the possibility of utilizing your phone with a any compatible network in addition to the one contracted.

You can pick the network provider that best matches your needs as it doesn’t interfere in with your fixed-term contract.

Likewise, the network service provider you have a contract with can not penalize you for unlocking your phone through an external and independent unlocking service provider.

To end your fixed-term agreement you need to wait up until it goes out naturally, or pay the corresponding penalty charges for leaving early, however you can unlock your phone whenever you like.

Make certain you are making the ideal choice before parting company with your network supplier by really investigating the current or special deals they may have on offer. Often it is much better to day “better the devil you know”.

Either way, unlocking your phone with Unlock.Zone opens a whole world of choices for you and your smartphone. Not so frightening now eh?

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