There are literally hundreds of cell phone unlocking companies on the Internet promising to unlock your phone quickly, legally, and for the lowest price.

But the question is, how do you differentiate between the professional third-party unlocking providers and the huge number of fraudulent websites that unfortunately operate in this niche, purely looking to fleece you and steal your hard earned cash?

We don’t expect you to believe we are the best (although that is undoubtedly the case) just because we say so. Instead, we are prepared to prove it, so we’ve complied an important checklist of things to keep in mind before you to commit to parting with your money in order to get your phone unlocked.

Before entrusting Unlock.Zone to unlock your phone, or any other unlocking company, we highly recommend you do your due diligence by following the guidelines below:

1. Above all else, look for a company that offers a full money-back guarantee. If your phone can’t be unlocked for any reason, you’d expect to get your money back. In fact Unlock.Zone is a UK registered business which means all customers, regardless of their location, can take advantage of UK consumer law. This states that if a product or service is not supplied as advertised, you are legally entitled to claim a full refund within 30 days. If we were to fail to honour this legal obligation, we would be struck off the company register and no longer be able to legally trade.

2. Verified positive customer reviews. Only trust professional consumer review websites such as TrustPilot or social media services such as Facebook or even Google, which also offer the ability to review products and services. If a review is placed on an independent third party site and in no way associated with the company being reviewed, it is safe to assume it is genuine.


3. However, a word of caution this respect to review assessments. If you can’t find a single negative review, be very suspicious! Nobody’s perfect, we all make mistakes, even we do. But we are always trying to improve. If we receive a negative review, it helps us to learn the areas we are falling short on customer service, and as we work on it and hopefully improve, so will the user experience for our future customers.

4. One price for all unlocking services? Unfortunately, that’s not a reality in the cell phone unlocking business. Don’t trust any website claiming that they can unlock ANY phone, regardless of make and model, for one inclusive price. The make and model of phone, the network it’s locked to, even the country it was purchased in are all contributing factors that influence price. Generally speaking, the newer the model of phone to be unlocked, the more it will cost to unlock it.

5. Any site offering an iCloud removal service are doing so illegally. Be extremely cautious of any websites offering such service as they are unquestionably scammers. You not only risk losing your money but you are also contributing towards the ever increasing levels of on-line identity theft.

6. Hello? Is anybody there? Sam, Harry, Peter, Thomas, Jonathon… they are all real people! We call them our “unlock experts” and if you’ve purchased a service from us in the past you have almost certainly spoken with one of them. We have no problem letting you know who we are because we have absolutely nothing to hide.

7. We pay our legal tax obligations. Our business is global and although we trade exclusively online, that doesn’t mean that we are exempt from paying taxes and being fiscally responsible. We process all our payment (including PayPal) through our dedicated merchant account, via one of the UK primary banking institutions, Barclaycard. Think twice before making a payment to a PayPal account based in Panama!


8. Privacy and Security. Look for the company’s Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Terms of Service, and make sure that they are GDPR Compliant and PCI Compliant. Staying current and up to date with all legal security requirements is a necessity for legal on-line trading.

9. 100% secure payment methods! Unlock.Zone uses one of the UK primary payment processing gateways, Barclaycard, fully integrated into our website so you can pay quickly, with your preferred payment method, utilising industry leading security and safety features and guarantees your identity and money are secure. Unlock.Zone is PCI DSS compliant for a guaranteed user-friendly and safe buying experience.

PCI-DSS Compliant

10. Totally legal. Last but not least… We only offer legal unlocking services which can be performed via IMEI carrier unlock or code generation. If your network carrier won’t unlock your device for you, we are more than happy to help.

So for a safe, secure, legal and pain free unlocking experience choose Unlock.Zone to unlock your mobile phone and grant yourself the freedom to chose the network you want!